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Semi-Comprehensive Review of 'Richard Yates'/'Tao Lin'

the internet (re ‘Tao Lin’)

1,070,000 results as of July 24, 2010 2:13 PM. Looked through ~10 pages of results all seem related to therealtaolin except the two mentioning Tao Lin the pianist. Out of the 10 pages I looked at ~5 mentioned ‘Richard Yates’. I checked Tao Lin’s myspace account and forgot about his 2k9 gimmick were he auctioned off his account. I read Kevin Chen’s ‘interests’. He thought Tao Lin was ‘weird’ and ‘scared’ most of the time during writing class at NYU. From Tao’s pictures he seems ‘neutral’ ~80% of the time. This image search had more pictures of fake Tao Lins than the regular search.

Miranda July is quoted on the myspace account. My friend bought her book ‘No one belongs here more than you’ on July 22nd . He said that he bought the book because the picture of Miranda July on the back cover was ‘hot’. My other friend said he judges books by how attractive the authors are as well. He mentioned Tao Lin and Yukio Mishima as two authors he liked that were also attractive and Tobias Wolff as an author he didn’t like and was ugly. He said he is almost certain to like ‘Richard Yates’ whenever it comes out. I don’t know if I believe him though since he didn’t pre-order ‘Richard Yates’ during that limited 1 hour time period a few months ago like me.

The cover of ‘Richard Yates’ seems mildly disturbing. It reminds me of the movie ‘Teeth’. I thought ‘Teeth’ was ~40% funny. I only watched it once. ‘Shoplifting from American Apparel’ was ~30% funny to me. I only read it once since I let a friend borrow it on the condition that he would write an Amazon book review for it. He waited until the last day of the semester to give me back the book and didn’t write the review.

I’m surprised that Gawker is releasing an excerpt of ‘Richard Yates’ sometime in September. I thought Gawker was relatively annoyed with Tao Lin but I guess things have changed since 2k7-8. I remember Hipster Runoff running an excerpt from ‘Shoplifting from American Apparel’ last year so I’m not surprised Carles is releasing an excerpt from ‘Richard Yates. I wonder if Carles remembers Kevin Chen from NYU. I feel ‘disappointed’ that Tao Lin isn’t hitting up the Rust Belt during his book tour.

I didn’t feel comfortable reading this review. I read part of it. I saw that the characters in ‘Richard Yates’ are named Dakota Fanning and Haley Joel Osment. I think I like the character names. They are opposite genders compared to the famous Dakota Fanning and Haley Joel Osment. For some reason I thought Haley Joel Osment had died recently but got him confused with one of the Osmonds. The Osmonds haven’t died recently either though.

There are 47 comments as of July 24th on this review. 47 comments seems like a lot for a book that isn’t coming out for months. I think there are 4chan trolls in the comments section with the ‘doesn’t afraid of anything/ I accidentally the whole thing’. Other commenters are annoyed with HTMLGIANT for talking about Tao Lin. I think the real Tao Lin responded to questions in the comments section. I think I’ve listened to the same amount Wes Eisold side projects as Tao Lin, if he’s only listened to Cold Cave.

I don’t like the picture in this blog post. I’ve had bad experiences at foam parties. This makes me think Dakota and Haley get ‘fucked up’ at a frat party or something. I like that Tao Lin responded in the comments section and added ‘tips’ for his contest. I started writing ~10 minutes before Tao Lin tweeted about the change.

I like the Alt Report. There aren’t very many retweets or facebook shares of this article. I just retweeted the article even though it is old. This is probably the first place I saw the ‘Richard Yates’ cover. There are only 9 comments on this article. I think I might start calling the guy, presumably Dakota Fanning, conchbro (~3% chance).

Whenever I first went onto this website I thought it was the guy who made the album ‘anti-america’. This isn’t Jordon Castro or David D’Amato’s blog though. I think I’m going to like this review because David Fishkind wrote a book called ‘Baby hedgehogs and American Apparel Dogs’. I’ve been meaning to get this book but haven’t yet. I might paypal him the $3 to get the book. I don’t want a pdf or some ‘shit’ and only 75 copies of this book were printed. David Fishkind took a picture of the cover of ‘Richard Yates’ through a glass. This picture makes the cover seem even more ‘disturbing’. The review seems positive. David Fishkind refers to the book as ‘raw’. I’m not sure what that means. There seems to be lots of types of interactions between Dakota and Haley. This review makes me ~1.3x more excited to read ‘Richard Yates’.

I can’t open this link. Something about ‘Richard Yates’ stickers in the url. It finally loaded after ~4 minutes. This is a tumblr. I think there are ‘Richard Yates’ cover stickers on an air conditioner ~3 feet off the ground. If I were walking through the alley way I might be able to see the stickers. If I still used my tumblr I would ‘like’ this and possibly ‘reblog’ it. There are many plot keywords in this note. From this list ‘reckless shoplifting’ is my favorite. I hope there is more shoplifting in ‘Richard Yates’ than there was in ‘Shoplifting from American Apparel’.

I already commented on this vaguely. I don’t think I will again. I do remember hearing about Richard Yates not/minimally appearing in ‘Richard Yates’ before this comment by Justin Taylor.

I liked this post. It was highly interactive. I didn’t vote in the comments section. I didn’t want Tao Lin covered in cum. I would have probably went with the popular vote of ‘xanax’ or maybe ‘rosa’. I’ve never listened to Rosa before today. The band seems fun probably not like ‘Richard Yates’ at all. This post received 683 comments. David Fishkind was the first to comment. He wanted Tao Lin to wear a turtleneck. I don’t know how seriously I can take his review after reading that. ~55% of the people that voted were anonymous. I hope they weren’t from 4chan.

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